About Me, Alan

And About Me, Margo

Hi, I am Alan and I would like to tell you a bit about me...

I love life and like to keep negative stress to a minimum!..

Alan in his therapy room

Born in 1960 in Johannesburg, South Africa, I grew up in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

After school I did a stint in the military arena and then moved into the marketing field.

My first involvement with alternative healing was in the early ‘90’s when I completed courses in Aromatherapy and Reflexology at the School of Total Health with Patricia West.

During the following couple of years I still worked full-time and treated mainly friends and friends of friends.

2002 brought major shifts in my personal life.

Having been bitten by the travel bug, I spent a year working with backpacking tourists on the Transkei coast as horseback tour guide. This included relieving many international tired and stiff muscles and meeting people from all walks of life.

My next adventure took me to the Gold Coast of Australia where I worked at the Meriton Holiday Hotel and also spent time in the Byron Bay area.

On the one side were the high-flying jet laggers and the other side, the laid back Kombi driving hippies...

An experience of a lifetime!

My plans to travel through South America were interrupted by me cracking my arm while playing with my dog.

This led to my decision to further my knowledge in alternative healing modalities.

I spent the next few years doing a vibrational healing course which included general massage and body manipulation techniques, energetic anatomy and physiology, self awareness and mastery skills, an in depth study of meridians and pressure point manipulation and the Reiki Masters degree.

Essential oils are of particular interest to me, as are Esoteric Studies.

In 2005 I began teaching reflexology and body manipulation courses and took over the School of Total Health.

And since then I have been teaching and treating full time...

Well, that is me.

Alan busy building this website

I would love to hear your views and, in particular, your favourite ways of beating stress.

Thanks for joining me and KEEP SMILING!

And this is Margo And I am Margo!


I am so busy putting content together for this website and really, really enjoying the process...

Alan is the therapist and does a great job treating and helping people...

I am more the academic and philosopher. I love to play with the concepts and then try them in my life. And then, of course, turn them into pages of information for our website!

Twists and turns of life and fate brought me from my home city of Cape Town, South Africa (yes, it truly is the fairest cape in the whole circumferance of the earth) to live in Port Elizabeth in 2002.

I met and became friends with Alan and we share a passion for holistic self-help solutions...

It is not my formal training -(I have a diploma in Medical Technology and a Masters Degree in Jewish Studies from U.C.T. Presently, I run my own real estate business - enough to make me need real stress relief!)- but the information on our website is what I truly believe in and practice in my life...with very positive results!

Thank you for visiting us and I look forward to telling more about me...And I would love to hear more about you...Drop me a message!

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