Active Listening Activity
10 minute exercise for stress relief

Active listening activity
using active listening skills; which music to listen to for stress relief; active listening as ways to manage stress.

Scientific studies have shown that music can evoke feelings of intense joy, shifts in mood and deep emotional responses.

This is felt in the body as tingling sensations, in the mind as a sense of heightened feeling, and in the spirit as a kind of timeless rapture. It is no wonder that music is a part of every time and every people.

Using an active listening activity as one of the ways to manage stressis not just having music on in the background as you carry on with your hectic day...

You need to apply active listening skills and make this 10 minute exercise almost like a meditation.

Read on to find out what is the best music for an active listening activity that brings about a calming effect.

active listening activity for stress relief

Choosing a special piece of music that gives you pleasure is a treat for your ears

There are so many forms of music to choose from - classical, jazz, traditional, folk, rock, modern, electronic - all of which affect you in a different way.

However, if you want to listen to music for a particular relaxing and de-stressing effect, it is difficult to beat classical composers like Johann Sebastian Bach. The sounds he has created are within a frequency band that is perfect for bringing about a calming and clarifying effect.

Active Listening Activity - 10 minute exercise

Active listening means applying your focus to what you are hearing, rather than letting music just drift over you.

  1. Sit comfortably, in a relaxed posture, and either use headphones or make sure that you can listen without any disturbance.
  2. Choose one of the following pieces, all of which last approximately 10 minutes, or choose a piece that you enjoy.
    • 'Sanctus' from Mass in B Minor by JS Bach
    • Organ Fantasia and Fugue in G Minor by JS Bach
    • Canon by Pachelbel
    • Kyrie and Gloria from Papae Marcelli by Palestrina
    • Adagio - Piano Concert No 2 by Rachmaninov
  3. As the music plays, let your mind focus on what you are hearing. Do you pick out individual notes or themes, or are you listening to the whole 'picture'? Notice how you feel after 10 minutes. And enjoy your active listening activity.

10 Minute Sound Treatment

We all have the ability to make 'music', and exercising the voice is actually extremely beneficial to our inner health. Remember, sounds and vibrations affect physical structure; different sounds can affect brain wave patterns and so give us a deep sense of relaxation.

From the tradition of yoga comes the idea that the main vowel sounds -a, e, i, o, u- are linked to vibratory structures called chakras, which run up the spine.

You can use these sounds in a chant which will get you vibrating in sync with yourself...

This is very relaxing and you dont need to do it at full volume: chant at a pitch that is comfortable to your voice, and don't strain.

  • Sit comfortably with your hands resting loosely on your lap.
  • As you chant each vowel, starting at 'a', visualize the part of your body that links to it. You are actually giving yourself a 'sound treatment'.
  • Chant each vowel 3 times: a, e, i, o, u. Notice how the sounds make you feel as you chant them. Then breathe gently and relax.

Before you begin to chant the vowel sounds, always take in a good deep breath. make sure the breath fills your diaphragm so that you feel your ribs expand, and then use the air to make the sound.

If you enjoyed this, you can expand on your chanting practise by learning more...

We recommend

chakra chants
Chakra Chants

Chakra Chants contains seven tracks, each corresponding to one of the chakra points on the human body. Starting with the base chakra and ending with the crown chakra. Each track is made up of the appropriate vowel sound, a bija mantra, an elemental and/or shabd sound and a particular keynote. It is a deeply moving piece of music suitable as a meditation tool, for cleansing and balancing your energy body or just for sheer listening pleasure.

Also included is a high quality booklet which discusses the subtle body, the chakras and the principles of sonic healing. Also a thorough and easy-to-practice guided visualization and an explanation of overtones are also provided in the booklet...

Everything you need for a positive active listening activity!

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