Alpha Meditation Exercise

Easy alpha meditation exercise to help you achieve the alpha state of relaxation and calm, creative thought.

To get into the alpha state purposefully takes a bit of practice, the more often you meditate, the easier it will be to enter this relaxed state of mind.

Simple Alpha Meditation Exercise

Start with this easy alpha meditation for 5-10 minutes daily, slowly increasing it to 30 minutes per session. This will help you to remain calmer for longer periods of time and also experience an increased sense of peace and tranquility.

  • Sit comfortably in your chosen position, eyelids lowered or eyes closed.
  • Breath naturally, counting your breaths either on the inhalation or exhalation, from one to ten. Concentrate on the numbers and don't let your thoughts drift. Just keep focusing on the numbers and your breathing. This helps you to concentrate and stay alert.
  • Imagine a ball of golden light above your head. Visualize the ball of light slowly descending through your head until it fills your entire body. Metaphorically, think of it as if you are seated in the middle of a beach ball and the color completely fills that imaginary space around you.
  • Imagine that this light is relaxing and positive.
  • Practice this until it becomes familiar to you.
  • Repeat, visualizing a ball of red light. Continue slowly through the color spectrum - orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet - until you feel completely relaxed.

By experiencing this positive feeling more often you will want to practice it more and eventually you will be experiencing a much calmer, stress free day, even when you are not in the alpha meditation state.

Very important guidance for a new habit...

Practice your alpha meditation exercise every day for 21 days...

It takes 21 days to change a habit or instill a new one. Once the 21 days have been completed, you will notice changes in your life.

Recommended Reads

We always feel that a good book or DVD on the subject of your interest can add depth and understanding to your practice.

We recommend:

Alpha Relaxation System 2.0

Brain researchers have shown that people in relaxed states have heightened levels of Alpha brainwaves. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is a researcher, educator and composer who has developed a breakthrough method of embedding pulses of sound into beautiful musical soundscapes to naturally coax your own brain to produce more ALPHA waves and states of restorative relaxation.

Awakening the Mind: A Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Brainwaves

Each moment of our lives, from birth to death, our brains are engaged in an endless symphony of patterns. In Awakening the Mind, Anna Wise reveals how a careful understanding of the four types of brain waves, and the practice of carefully designed meditation exercises that lead to a mastery of each type, can vastly improve everyday focus, memory, concentration, and overall mental awareness.

Learn more about alpha meditation.

Practice accessing a state of calm, daydreamy creativity by doing an alpha meditation exercise in the middle of your daily grind and start living better every day!

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