Colour Visualization
10 minute easy relaxation techniques

Colour visualization is an excellent way to aid relaxation.

The fun thing about this effective relaxation technique is that you develop your awareness of the effect of colours on your well-being.

Colours can have a huge effect on your sense of well-being. Have a look at colour and stress relief for more interesting information.

Learn which colours relax you and which colours energize you; and then use them in this exercise.

Colour for your home is a fun guide to colour and their meanings. Click on the link and then click on each colour to see what it means.

10 Minute Colour Visualization

You may wish to tape this exercise, pausing at the end of each phrase to allow time to create the images in your thoughts.

Now switch off for ten minutes. Relax and let your imagination take over...

And go for a walk in your mind...

Use the colour visualization to imagine the rich and varied colours of Nature.

colour visualization

  • Imagine you are walking outside on a warm day. There is a breeze blowing. You are feeling very calm...
  • As you walk, you see a bush of deep red roses, with petals in rich crimson shades...
  • You continue, then your eye is attached to patch of bright crimson marigolds, raising their faces to the sun; then a glorious golden sunflower...
  • colour visualization

  • As you continue your walk, you see a clump of trees, heavy with rich green leaves, swaying in the wind. After that a patch of blubells in Spring; then the deep blue of delphinium, tall summer flowers...
  • Finally, you stop infront of a field of lavender, tiny violet blooms stretching away as far as your eye can see.
  • Relax and enjoy these colour sensations, then slowly stretch your fingers and toes to wake up.

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