Colours And Their Meanings

Colours and their meanings and how to choose colours, colour guide for using colours, colour names and interpretations.

Have fun choosing colours to suit your mood and need.

Each colour has its own particular vibration. This vibration interacts with other energy fields to change, balance and heal imbalance and stress.

colour and their meanings

You can use the colour chart below to help you with your self-assessment or make your own chart using different paints or pieces of cloth.

How to Use Colours and Their Meanings

Did you know that you can use colour to find out about yourself?

Your instinctive emotional response to colour can help you understand your physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual state...

The simplest approach is to make spontaneous choices...

Which colour do you like the most, and which colour the least?

The colour that you like the most will probably be the colour that you have used for home decor or wear often. But it may also be a colour that you need to introduce into your life to support some change or imbalance. Have a look at the full range of characteristics of that colour and its meaning for clues to other aspects that may help. If the colour that you have chosen is your all-time favourite and you don't want to make any other choices, it could indicate that you are stuck in a rut and need a change.

The colour you like least could suggest an area of your life that requires attention or healing. Bringing that colour energy into your life by adding it to your surroundings could be the positive change that you need.

Colour Choice Chart

How to use colours and their meanings chart...

  1. Decide how many choices you will make and what each will represent - physical, emotional, mental needs.
  2. Close your eyes. For each choice, think of the question or an issue that you want to clarify, then open your eyes and see which colour you are immediately drawn to.
  3. Record the colour you choose for each question.
  4. When you have made all of your choices, have a look at the Colour Meanings chart below and study the key phrases and questions in the colours that you have chosen. Use this information to focus your ideas.
  5. Where appropriate, introduce more of the colours that you have chosen into your life. Be creative and use food, clothing or decor to benefit from the energy of colours and their meanings.

  • Colour Chart

Colour Meanings

You need to be quiet and listen.
What do you want to hide from?

You need to focus on practicalities.
What areas of your life have you been too dreamy about?

Dark Blue
You need time to think.
What are you so close to that you cannot see clearly what is happening?

You need to relax and enjoy life.
What is it that makes you doubt yourself?

You need space to gain a fresh perspective.
What is it that is restricting you?

You need to disappear into the background.
What do you want to hide and why?

Light Blue
You need to talk to people around you.
What do you need to tell others?

You need to take time out to heal yourself.
Are you risking your own health by overdoing things?

You need to reassess your direction.
What hidden factors are hindering your growth?

You need to let go of old ideas and emotions.
What are you allowing to block your way?

You need to look after yourself more.
Are you being too self-critical?

You need to heal yourself.
What are you sacfrificing to help others?

You need to take action, now!
What is stopping you?

You need to restore your equilibrium.
What are you deluding yourself about?

You need to make changes.
What do you find painful in the real world?

You need to start thinking clearly.
What are you afraid of?

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