Relieve Computer Eye Strain
And Other Eye Stress

Who doesn't suffer from computer eye strain and other other eye stress?

Most of us spend a great deal of our day using our eyes for close-up work...

In fact, eye strain has become an epidemic!

But, did you know, that eye strain is a bit of a misnomer...

It is actually the ciliary muscles which control the focusing mechanism of the eyes' lens, and the external muscles that move the eye up and down and from side to side, that become strained, and NOT the eyes!

computer eye strain

Our eyes were meant to do a variety of work - some close focus (cooking, eating, crafts), some middle-distance tasks (farming), and some far-distance (hunting)...

For much of our work day we use our eyes for close-distance and don't give them the variety of exercise they need...

The muscles get tired and tense up and we end up with computer eye strain.

Tips To Prevent Eye Strain

  • Correct Light
    Make sure your workspace is comfortably lit. The light must be neither too bright nor too dim.
  • Reduce Glare
    Make sure your screen is free from glare. No light should reflect directly off the screen into your eyes. If the lighting in your office makes it impossible to avoid a glare, tilt the screen, cover some lights or windows or invest in an inexpensive mesh anti-glare shield that attches to your screen. however you do it, get rid of the glare to avoid eye stress.
  • Arrange Your Workspace
    You must be able to look beyond the screen to the other side of the room. You are asking for computer eye strain if your visual horizons are confined to inside a cubicle. Arrange your workspace so that when you look up, you can look into the distance.
  • Look Down
    Sit so that your eyes are 24 to 36 inches away from your screen and looking slightly down at it.
  • Look Away
    After every few minutes of staring at the screen treat your eyes to some middle- and long- distance looking. Look up and across the room or across the street. I have to remind myself to do this, so I look up and out of the window every time the phone rings.
  • Remember To Blink
    In 1993, Japanese researchers studied 104 office workers who worked on computers for about three hours a day. When they were engaged in relaxed conversation, they blinked an average of 22 times per minute. While reading printed material, they blinked 10 times a minute. But while at their computers they only blinked 7 times a minute. what's more, computer users kept their eyes unusually wide open! lack of blinking and wide eyes contribute to that feeling of gritty, dry, burning eye strain. Blinking replaces that moisture, but, as your blink rate declines, your eyes remain dry. So, remember to blink!
  • Exercise Your Eyes
    About once every half an hour, take a break from your screen and do some eye exercises.

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