The Physical Effects Of Stress

The daily effects of stress on our physical bodies has a very real impact on how we feel about our lives.

Throughout life, the different parts of our bodies strive to work together in efficient harmony whilst reacting constantly to the demands made on them from within as well as from outside.

Many of these demands pose a threat to the body, and the body's response to any perceived threat is to prepare itself for "flight or fight".

Reactions To Stress

The first response is a reflex action in which the muscles become tense.

This is followed by a whole series of reactions described below...

To Summarize...

The body's response to stress includes...

  • Increased Perspiration
  • Muscle Tension
  • Pulse Rate Rises
  • Blood Thickens
  • Cortisone Levels Increase
  • Digestion Slows Down
  • Breathing Speeds Up
  • Sugar/Fats pour into the Blood to provide Fuel for Energy

Often the effect of stress on our bodies can mimic diseases. If the causes of the stress are not modified and the symptoms not managed then the feelings of ill-health will persist...

Learn what stress symptoms to look out for!

The GOOD NEWS is...
You DON'T have to suffer the effects of stress!

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