Essential Oils For Damaged Hair

Give your stressed hair an essential oils for damaged hair treatment! 

Is your hair split, thin or breaks on touching...

If so, it has to be treated very gently to avoid further breaking, and the scalp needs stimulating to encourage new and stronger growth...

You can either add aromatherapy oils to commercially prepared shampoo, unfrangranced and gentle is best...

Or you can make your own natural 'soap stew' and conditioner bases and add the essential oils that suit your hair condition.

Choose from the essential oils below and try the following treatments...

  • Essential Oils For Damaged Hair

    Parsley, Lavender, Clary Sage, Birch, Chamomile Roman

  • Vegetable Oils & Waxes For Damaged Hair

    Jojoba, Borage Seed, Evening Primrose, Peach Kernel, Almond, Cocoa Butter

Shampoos With Essential Oils For Damaged Hair

  • Stimulating

    100ml Soapwort shampoo base
    2 drops Lavender
    2 drops YarrowMix well in a blender. Or give a good whisk.

  • Conditioning

    100ml Soapwort shampoo base
    3 drops borage seed oil
    2 drops LavenderMix well and treat your hair

Conditioner With Essential Oils For Damaged Hair

25g Cocoa Butter
1 tablespoon lecithin base
50ml Almond Oil
4 drops Borage Seed oil
10 drops Evening Primrose
5 drops Birch oil
3 drops Chamomile Roman

Using the bain-marie method, first melt the cocoa butter and lecithin. Then add the almond oil, stirring all the time, add the other ingredients and blend together well. Pour into a storage jar until needed. (The volumes here will provide two or three treatments.) After shampooing, leave on the hair for at least ten minutes before rinsing off. Gradually this treatment will build up the remaining cells and help prevent breakage.

Protein Gel

I recommend this as a real aromatherapy treat for damaged hair! Use like a face pack but on your hair.

12g plain gelatine
225ml mineral water
1 teaspoon cider vinegar
3 drops carrot oil
3 drops Clary-sage

Mix gelatine and water together until you have a smooth liquid. Stir and leave it until it forms a gel type of substance. Be careful - do not leave it to set. Now add vinegar carrot and clary-sage - this will prevent it from becoming solid. use as a hair pack covering the whole of your hair. Leave on for at least 10 minutes, then rinse off. try and use at least once a week.

All this great information and more can be found in Valerie Ann Worwood:

The Fragrant Pharmacy

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