Eye Strain Exercises

You don't need a therapist to teach you eye strain exercises.

You can do some very simple things to make sure that eye strain does not get the better of you.

Tired eyes seem to be a part of living in the 21st century - computers are a big culprit in eye strain...

But driving, television, pollution, reading...

In fact, almost everything for which we use our eyes, places a strain on them and makes us feel as if we need vision therapy.

eye strain

How do you know you have eye strain? - You may experience burning tightness, sharp pains, dull pains, watering eyes, blurring, double vision, headaches, and other sensations.

Vision therapists recommend more than 200 different eye exercises aided by all sorts of different aids. But you can do the following simple eye strain exercises whenever eye strain threatens!

Eye Strain Exercises

  • Palming

    This exercise helps to relax tired eyes...
    Rub your hands briskly together for 15 seconds or so until they feel warm...
    Then close your eyes and cup your warm palms over them. Make sure your palms are cupped enough so they don't touch your eyelids. Overlap your fingers and rest them on your forehead. Hold this position and breathe deeply for a few minutes.

  • Look Away

    Do you do a lot of reading, sewing, writing, computer work or writing?...
    Stick the front page of a newspaper about eight feet away. Every ten minutes or so, take a break from your work and try this eye strain exercise...
    Look at the newspaper page, scan the large type headline, then the smaller sub-headings and then the fine print. This helps maintain your focusing ability and minimizes the blurred vision you may experience as a result of close-focus working.

  • Follow Your Thumb

    Several times a day, hold your thumb out at arm's length and move it in slow circles, crosses, X's and in-and-out motions. Follow it with your eyes but don't move your head!
    Keep your thumb, and the rest of the room, in focus as much as possible.

  • Bead and String

    For this eye strain exercise - thread three coloured beads on a piece of string about six feet long. Fasten one end on a wall at your eye height and hold the other to the tip of your nose.
    Slide one bead close to the wall. Slide the second one about four feet from your nose and the third about a foot away from you.
    Now look at the bead farthest away... you should see two strings forming a V with the bead at it's point. Next, focus on the middle bead... You should see two strings forming an X with the bead at it's cross point. Then look at the nearest bead. You should also see an X. If your eyes are working as a team (as they should) you will always see two strings crossing when you focus on a bead. If not, you may see only one string - this suggests that your brain may be suppressing information from your weaker eye. It might be a good idea to see an optometrist if you only see one string during this eye strain exercise.

  • Call The Ball

    Give your eyes stress relief with this fun exercise!
    Write letters or numbers of various sizes on a ball - I use a soccer ball. Hang the ball from the ceiling and give it a push in any direction. As it swings, keep an eye on it and call out the numbers or letters as you see them.

Helpful Tip

A simple eyewash available from pharmacies, relieves tired eyes. Alternatively, gently press used teabags of green tea or chamomile against the eyes.

Your Eyes Are Precious!

These simple eye strain exercises will offer your eyes stress relief.
Be aware of eye strain and take care to relieve it.

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