Feng Shui Cures For Office, Bedroom And Other Rooms

10 Best Ways To Feng Shui Your Space

What can feng shui cures do for you? What must you be aware of?

Simply, where the energy in your home or office moves sluggishly or becomes stuck, the chances are that problems and stress will occur in your day-to-day life or long-term prospects...

You can make feng shui as simple or as complicated as you like. I have always found that a small change has big results – nothing fancy or expensive – sometimes merely moving a lamp...

Try these feng shui simple cures for rooms or spaces that feel “heavy” - or to bring desired changes into your life.

10 Best Ways To Use Feng Shui Cures

  • Open windows regularly and let fresh, cleansing chi/air/energy circulate through your home.

  • Open the curtains or blinds and make sure as much natural light can brighten your office or home as possible.

  • Add plants. Enliven your home or office with energy-giving plants.But make sure they are healthy and not drooping or dead – this is bad feng shui. The purists will advise against cut flowers as they are technically dead. Personally, I love of bowl of fresh flowers in a prominent place – brightens my home and my heart.

  • Mirrors, correctly placed, work wonders. Using mirrors to shift stuck energy is a simple feng shui quick-fix. Wind chimes are another great way of moving stuck chi. 

  • Clear the clutter. Clean drawers and remove old magazines, mail, clothes, shoes, stuff collected on counters – in fact, anything that is just dumped and forgotten and taking up space. This simple feng shui cure will immediately increase the flow of energy and have a positive effect.

  • Change some colours. This is one of my favourite feng shui cures. Each colour brings its own vibration, and changing or introducing a colour changes the energy of the space. Paint one wall; change or introduce cushions in a specific colour; throw a shawl over the sofa; hang a picture that gives the colour that your room needs.

  • One of the feng shui cures for your bedroom is to simply change the position of the bed. The best position for the bed is diagonally opposite the door. You should be able to see the bedroom door while lying in bed without being directly in front or in line with it. Click here for more feng shui bedroom tips.

  • Use lighting to change the mood. Sometimes just introducing a lamp into a dull corner will give a feng shui lift to your living room. I like to experiment with moving lamps to different spots and seeing which mood suits my needs.

  • Simple feng shui cures for your office might just mean a shift of furniture - DON”T sit in line with the door, as you will be in the path of negative energy. A nice tip is to place an aquarium or tabletop fountain in the East, North, or Southeast. A small aquarium with black or blue fish in the North area of your desk or office will activate your business and career success.

  • Clean your entrance. I like this cure! A clean front path, verandah and doorway allows for flow of life-giving energy and makes you, your family and visitors feel welcome and bright as they enter your space. An easy way to lift the mood of your home or office.
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