How I Fought the Tears

by Ekta Bagaria
(Kolkata (India))

I was going through an emotional Tsunami of anger, complains, doubts from my in laws. It seemed darker than the no moon day and nothing seemed to help. As i had been using essential oil of lavendar with my moisture, i found myself searching the google for gaining strength by using essential oils.. going through several pages and site, i was more than convinced for using essential oil of ylang ylang with lavendar every evening and Rosemary every morning.
A new confident me woke up every morning and started my days ona positive note. Yes, I was feeling less scared to voice my thoughts & make them feel about my importance in their family. I too had a role to play & not just to take blame bullets. I soon learnt to protect myself and with ease and confidence, I decided to move forward & give myself a chance to stand for something more than just a daughter-in-law & wife. I wanted to reach out for more and share the magical power of Aromatherapy.
Just a drop and it can change everything around you.
Just a drop and positive energy starts coming around.
Today, I am sharing my experiences with many people around & have also started professional Consultancy for Lifestyle concerns with Aromatherapy

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May 11, 2012
I Too
by: bobby

pain is interwoven with every moment of joy just like thorns are interwoven with every blossoming Rose.
I had been through a similar phase of relationship crises.
Trust me for my decission of taking an aroma bath every morning and diffusing ylang ylang (in the ceramic oil diffuser I purchased from a beauty store in Shibpur)every evening helped me stay calmer and poised through the turmoils and I have sailed out leaving the storms behind. Thanks to the beautiful world of Aromatic Oils..

Jan 28, 2010
Should Help Me too!
by: Shilpi Basera

I went thru this article and found it very similar to situation at my end. I would like to try the blend as suggested here. would also pick Neroli for every day use too.

I would also like to know something about staying fresh and fragrant during the summers. we have quite a humid climate here in Mumbai(India)

Jan 28, 2010
The calming effect of Neroli
by: Alan

Thanks for your comments. Rosemary is great in the morning as it has that invigorating fragrance that improves concentration and wakes up the brain and Ylang Ylang is deeply relaxing and soothes the troubled mind and spirit. Neroli is an excellent mental destressor and good for panic attacks and shock.
My favourite method of remaining calm and focused is to put 2 drops of Neroli on a tissue and keep it in my top pocket, that way I have the aroma with me during any stressfull situation.
One might also try using a diffuser with a drop or two of Clary Sage, calming and sedative, yet very uplifting and has it's own way of cheering up the mood.
Enjoy life.

Jan 26, 2010
Thanks so much!
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for your story. And I know the power of using essential oils to release fears, calm anger and restore balance in life's ups and downs.

Good luck with your future venture. You have my support and blessings. Margo

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