Laughter and a Long Walk on the Beach

by Andrew
(Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa)

Leisure Bay

Leisure Bay

I have found 2 areas of life that relieve stress and change my focus.
The first is humor.
I try to find the funny side of a situation and turn it into a laugh. Sometimes I just browse through my favourite cartoons, or read Tintin to the kids, or watch funny Youtube clips. In a particularly stressful and draining part of my life I bought the complete DVD set of the Pink Panther (I love Peter Seller's humor) and watched all 5 movies over a few days. It completely lifted my mood and made the situation seem bearable.

The second is walks on the beach.

Cliche I know but I find it gives me time to think and try to hear what God is saying in my situation. Nothing like the voice of a loving father to put one at ease and back on track.

PS. I am loving your site...

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