Meditation To Relax

Simple meditation to relax, about meditation for beginners, experience benefits of meditation for stress relief. DIY meditation techniques to try now.

Are you finding it difficult to slow down? Can't stop that on-going conversation in your head? Shoulders always tense? Looking for a simple stress relief exercise that you can use anywhere and anytime?

Try these easy meditation for beginners exercises and you might just find that it is the rescue package that works for you!

meditation to relax

Nothing beats a few sessions with an experienced meditation teacher, but even if you are looking for meditation for beginners, you can benefit from these stress relief exercises.

There is no right or wrong way to do meditation to relax, it is basically about choosing a focus for your attention - your breath, a sound, an image - and staying with it for a while...

The benefits of meditation include feeling deeply calm and deeply alert, refreshed and renewed.

Meditations To Relax

Have a glance through the following meditations, see what appeals to you and then try it out...

3 minute candle meditation to relax and refresh.

Try this fixed gaze meditation as an easy meditation for beginners, encouraging you to be in the moment with a calm mind.

  • Place a lit candle in front of you on a low table. Sit with your legs crossed and your spine straight. Have the flame level with your eyes.
  • candle meditation

  • Relax all your body muscles from your head to your toes. Slow your breathing down, breathing deeply in and out from your diaphragm.
  • Gaze at the flame for 60 seconds without blinking if you can. Your eyes might water a little - Don't worry.
  • Now close your eyes and you should still see the flames image in your mind. Hold the image for as long as you can. If thoughts come into your head, let them go by without engaging them.
  • If you loose the image of the flame in your mind, open your eyes and just repeat the exercise.
  • Carry on meditating for as long as you like. Then blow out the candle and rest for a few minutes.
  • Now carry on with your day!

10 minute inner smile meditation - energising.

This is a different kind of meditation that sets you up for the day.

  • As you wake up, turn to lie on your back. Relax your arms and legs.
  • Take a deep breath and gradually exhale, letting out all the stale air from the night before. Repeat three times.
  • Now move the toes on your right foot a few times - your big toe lifts up slightly while the other toes dip slightly. Repeat with your left foot.
  • Now move onto your fingers and hands. Take the tip of your thumb on your left hand and shake it lightly. Repeat with your right thumb.
  • Smile to yourself.. It turns your whole morning into a celebration before you even get up.
  • Take a deep breath, filling your lungs completely, and then allow the breath to go deeper down into your stomach. Hold the breath for a few seconds and then slowly exhale in the opposite sequence - stomach to lungs.
  • Take a small break and then repeat the deep breath again. You should have spent about two minutes on this meditation up until now.
  • Carry on deep breathing but, in place of holding your breath, smile. So you inhale, pause and smile, then exhale. You should be smiling in such a way that tiny wrinkles form around your eyes.
  • Now make your smile wide and sincere. Your eyes should be relaxed - look up and imagine you are looking into a starry sky.
  • Continue smiling and visualise the color pink. Breath in very deeply so that the colour fills your lungs and then the whole of your body. Pink is the energy of love. Let it fill your whole being.
  • Keep smiling!. While smiling, say to yourself, "What I have lost, I do not regret. I am a new liberated person."Say this five to ten times convincingly.

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5 minute breathing meditation to lower stress.

We often unconsciously hold our breath or breathe shallowly when we are stressed. Remember to do this meditation to relax when you feel tense and need a quick calming fix!

    breathing meditation
  • Breath in for the count of 5 and breath out for another count of 5.
  • Repeat this over and over making your in breaths and your out breaths the same in length.
  • Try this even if you are not stressed and feel an increased sense of tranquillity and peace.

20 minute walking meditation.

Simple relaxing meditation to incorporate into your daily routine.

  • Walk somewhere that inspires you, such as next to water or in a green space. Try and avoid traffic.
  • Keep an easy pace, calm and relaxed to help you unwind.
  • Not your areas of tension and stress. Starting with your head and neck, inhale deeply, and with each exhale, imagine releasing the stress and tightness. Continue down your body, breathing in deeply then exhaling out the tension in that area.
  • Walk for at least 20 minutes. Concentrating on your breathing helps to focus your mind on one point and keeps stressful thoughts from intruding.

Want to learn more about walking as meditation?

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Music Meditation - tune in and chill out!

Most meditations to relax encourage us to be quiet in order to access that calm space inside of us...

But using music in a positive way can also ease your pulse, slow your heart rate and slow your breathing.

Dr. Lipman tells us more about how to use music to relax, plus a whole lot of other ways to relieve stress...

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