My Bed

by Emma Finneran

My Best Stress Relief Place

My Best Stress Relief Place

After finishing a long day of working with three kids, every evening I climb my stairs knowing that my bed awaits me...

The minute I get into my room, I close my door behind me and all the noise, busyness and stress from the day is now left behind me. My fresh white bed awaits me, and that is the one place where I can switch off, lie flat and tune out.

Hardly anybody can bug me there, and sometimes my phone even gets switched off for total solitude. Being completely relaxed for me, is being alone in a quiet secluded place, and so as I said before, there's no place quite like my bed!!!!!

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May 12, 2012
My relaxation tip
by: Jim from Texas

I visit Soothetube nightly. Has lots of free relaxing videos.
Find it at

Jun 09, 2009
Also love my bed
by: A mother

I know the feeling. I also love my bed and truly relax on it. 3 kids? Wow! I wonder how you even get up the stairs. Enjoy your bed!

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