Reiki Headache Reliever

Learn how to use a simple Reiki headache reliever treatment and be ready to send those headaches on their way anywhere and at anytime.

You can do a Reiki healing treatment on yourself or use this Reiki headache soother on a friend...

It is simple, and no extras needed...

Just follow my reiki hand positions in the following pictures to melt away tensions and restore peace and equilibrium.

Reiki Headache Reliever

If you are treating a partner, it is best if they sit upright, although it can be done with him or her lying down.

  1. Place your hands on each side of the head at the back cupping the skull. This helps to dispel tension from the neck and balances energy in the brain.

  2. Place on hand on the forehead and the other at the base of the skull, cradling the head firmly in your hand.

  3. Finish by gently placing one hand across the brow, covering the eyes. Place the other hand on top of the head, touching the first hand. Hold this positon firmly. This helps relieve emotional stress and is very soothing.

Shiatsu Headache Reliever

This simple shiatsu technique can help to prevent and relieve headaches. It is a movement that we do instinctively when we have a headache.
Sit in a relaxed position and gently massage your temples, using small circular movements. Remember to keep your elbows dropped down.

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