10 Tips To Stop Anxiety

There ARE things that you can do to stop anxiety!

Life definitely has its anxious moments. But it is so much easier to deal with them if you know how to control the tight chest, thumping heart, sweaty palms, shaking knees and other jitters that come along.

stop anxiety

Don't you just hate it when people tell you that "it is all in your mind"? Well, to a certain extent, it is true!...

To curb anxiety and feelings of panic, you have to take control of your mind, calm yourself and stay centred.

Here is what works for me...

10 Tips to Stop Anxiety

  1. Get Moving

    Put on your walking shoes and hit the road! Get to the gym! Jump in the pool! ...Do whatever it takes to get you moving. Exercise is one of the best ways to lessen the effects of anxiety. Chronic anxiety causes a build-up of stress hormones in the body and exercise gets rid of them. Accumulated adrenalin increases feelings of anxiety and makes you more jumpy and nervous. Any form of exercise helps stop anxiety getting out of control... And has many other benefits. The dog will love you too if you take him for a run!

  2. Cut the Caffeine

    Too much caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and makes you feel more jittery and out-of-control. When trying to stop anxiety, you want to get calm and not more nervous! But, how much caffeine is too much? Click here...

    And hold back on the alcohol!

  3. Limit your “Worry Time”

    You may not be able to stop anxiety, BUT you CAN cut down on the amount of time you spend worrying. Make a conscious decision to give yourself 30 minutes of “anxiety time” once a day. Make a list of things you worry about and give it your full attention once a day. Then put it aside and wait for tomorrow before you look at again. Our anxiety grows in proportion to the attention we give it.

    I do this, and it works for me!

  4. Face Your Fears

    Psychologists call this “exposure”. Make yourself come face to face with what causes your feelings of anxiety. If you stress about your finances, sit down with all of your debts and income and make a real plan to get on top of it. Is a stressful relationship causing you to feel anxious? – Speak to the person concerned, or get help! But DO something about it!

  5. Phone a Friend

    You know the old saying? – “A trouble shared is a trouble halved” – It’s true! By verbally expressing your anxiety, you dissipate the energy around it and lessen the effect it has on you. And your friend might have some good suggestions on what to do. Talking about it also helps you see it in a different light. Phone a Help Line if you feel desperate.

  6. Breathe

    You can use your body to calm your mind. Taking a deep breath and counting to ten allows your mind to be still and takes your attention away from the feelings of panic. To stop anxiety, you need to take control of your mind. Don’t wait for the panic attack – make relaxation techniques an important part of your daily exercise. Do a body scan and learn to release tension before it catches up with you. Try these breathing exercises for anxiety and be in control again.

  7. Eat Right

    Anxiety depletes your body of essential nutrients necessary for a healthy nervous system. You can help stop anxiety attacks by eating stress-busting foods. Make sure you know what to include in your diet!

  8. Clean the Clutter

    Anxiety is a feeling of panic and being out of control. A good way to stop anxiety feelings is to take control in a small way over things that you CAN manage. Start with that cluttered drawer that irritates you every time you need to find something in it. Replant the scruffy pot plants. Do something constructive!

  9. Have a Laugh

    Laughing is sometimes the last thing you think of doing when trying to stop anxiety. But it really works. A good laugh releases endorphins (feel-good hormones) into the system. Watch a funny movie. Think of a stupid joke...

    Anything that gets a smile on your face.

  10. Get Enough Sleep

    You can’t deal with the causes of your anxiety when you are tired. You need a good night’s sleep if you are going to successfully stop anxiety. Try a meditation technique to relax yourself before bedtime. Cut the coffee! Be aware of not taking your worries to bed.

  11. If you feel overwhelmed by feelings of panic, nervousness and anxiousness, please get professional help. Or at least speak to someone about it.

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