Sweet Relief From Sleepless Nights

by Charles Holing
(Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

No Sleep = Big Yawns

No Sleep = Big Yawns

I lie in bed at night and cannot sleep! And... No! Wait!

I used to lie in bed at night waiting and wanting to fall asleep...

I am 33 years old (still young enough for bedtime stories), male, and suffered periodically from an overactive mind when it was time for dreamland.

No matter how much I told myself to stop thinking, thinking happened!...

I can think about the same thing over and over again for up to three hours whilst I toss and turn in bed!

Alan (he of diy-stress-relief.com) encouraged me to try some visualizations about "closing up shop" in my mind and combining this with some deep breathing relaxation exercises before I go to sleep. My non-stop mind-acrobatics only responded slightly. And I imagined a life doomed to restless nights!

And then a breakthrough happened... Alan suggested that I put 2 - 3 drops of an essential oil on a tissue next to my pillow at night...

The magic oil is NEROLI...

I found that the smell of the oil encouraged me to concentrate on my breathing and the fragrance seemed to slow me down. Just what I had been looking for!

To me it seems as if the deeper breathing, due to the smell and some element in the neroli helps to quieten my mind.

I must say that I now look forward to the neroli at night and it has even improved the general atmosphere of my very male bedroom.

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Jun 16, 2009
Now Try a Diffuser
by: Anonymous

Great to hear you are getting a good nights rest! Now it is time to experiment with different oils and a diffuser. Start off with Jasmine and Bergamot and use them in your studio while you're painting... I use them often in my office area.

The bath is also a great place to experiment with oils and smells for good stress relief.

Remember when the mozzies keep you up...introduce them to Lavender and they won't stay for a drink.

Keep Smiling,

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