The Eternal Sea

by Jane
(Port Elizabeth)

Whenever I feel stressed or anxious I simply find a spot where I have a good view of the sea and stare at it for about five minutes. I am fortunate living in Richmond Hill because you don't have to go far to see the sea. I feel the sea is comforting in as much as it is always there, and though its' colours and moods can change, it never does. One day it can be as blue and transparent as a sapphire and as flat and still as the ground in front of me.Later that day it can change it's colour to a stormy grey and large waves as frothy as a good cappuchino coffee can wash up on the shore. But it is always the sea, the "Eternal Sea". Another reason for my love of the sea is that my fathers' ashes were scattered in the Atantic and I feel that however ridiculous it may seem, wherever the sea is, my father is there, too!

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