Vocal Toning Experiences

This is where we share the vocal toning experiences of friends, clients and visitors to the site!

We would LOVE to hear your experience with toning and the effect it had on you...

Please share it here and encourage someone else to find their "true tune"!

Sunday 3rd May 2009

"I had my first experience with toning this evening and it was very powerful. I grasped its depth and significance almost immediately....and I had a bizarre emotional response. I cried, and had to leave the circle. I found that my throat chakra appeared to be closed which made a lot of sense looking at the communication aspect of my life right now. I wound up sitting in a dark corner, crying and writing about the sounds I wanted to make. I wanted to howl like a wolf, squeal like an injured animal, wail like a widow, coo like a mourning dove. I was unaware as to how much hurt I had, I wanted to yell. Everyone else was making these beautiful chanting sounds, and auming. I felt the sounds I wanted to make would have been inappropriate, like raining on a parade. Upon reflection, perhaps they needed my anguished cries to help tune them to their own release, to give permission, so to speak. I wound up leaving within a half hour of arriving, but I sure did learn a lot- especially about myself. I'm grateful to have found this website, that I may continue toning on my own, to make way for all the joyous sounds that are waiting to emerge."

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