Your Happiness: 5 Simple Ways It Makes Your Life Work Better

By Warren Wojnowski

Your Happiness - stress relief

Your happiness has more far-reaching effects on your life than just making you feel good. Your happiness levels affect your ability to manage stress and also how others react to you!...

All good reasons to work on being happy...

"Do you move through your life feeling frustrated and stressed, finding too many things that just aren't working? Do you find yourself wishing you could find some way to begin to make your life work better?...

If that describes you and how you feel, then read on because you are about to learn a simple adjustment you can make in your life to help things immediately begin to work better and feel better.

Let's follow up with one more question...

When was the last time you actually, deliberately stopped and decided it was time to make your happiness a priority for yourself?

If you're like most people, it has been a very long time because for the most part, you are placing all of your time, energy, and focus on all of the things you feel you have to do. Doing what makes you happy likely feels like some far-off dream because all you see in front of you are things that make you feel unhappy, tired, and stressed.

No doubt you have heard the phrase "change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change."

Well... here's a novel suggestion. If you'd like to make your life work better, start focusing on your happiness instead of the absence of it.

Now let me guess... this sounds too simplistic to you, doesn't it? You're probably wondering how focusing on your happiness is going to help fix things so they work better, right?

Yet the truth is, that's exactly the fix that can have the most immediate impact on your life...

Consider the following five ways in which by you focusing your thought and attention on what makes you happy -- and making a point of looking for and acknowledging those things each day -- you will begin to notice things working better in your life.

  1. You'll be more attractive to others. As you place your focus and attention on what's right and what's working in your life, you immediately start to feel a little bit better. Because you feel better, you begin to behave and carry yourself differently. And that shift in how you carry yourself makes you much more attractive to others, which means you're going to start receiving more invitations, more opportunities, and more things that are working well for you.
  2. Your relationships will work better. Because you are carrying yourself differently, you begin to come across as friendlier, and you'll find that you're better able to listen because you're not so preoccupied with what isn't working. That's going to result in healthier, deeper, more successful relationships with your family, you co-workers, and your friends.
  3. Your job or business performance will improve. Your shift in focus carries benefits over to your overall work performance. You will find yourself thinking more clearly, more alert, and making better decisions.
  4. Your health will improve. Because you are feeling happier as you place your attention on what is working, a whole set of physiological changes start to occur. Your blood pressure lowers. Your blood flow improves. Your immune system starts working better. These all have a positive impact on the state of your health.
  5. You will start to have more flow. By law of attraction, you attract more of what you focus upon. Since you have repositioned your focus and attention on your happiness rather than your unhappiness, guess what happens? You get more of the things that are working better. And now you've got a positive spiral that you've started that is going to deliver more flow and positive momentum into your life going forward. And so begins a positive cycle of being in flow where things start to come more easily and frequently."

About the Author:Warren Wojnowski is an avid student of personal growth and self-improvement. He is a respected writer, teacher, and Intrinsic Coach® who is very willing to share what he's learned (or still learning), what's working, and what isn't. Warren says, "If you have an aspect of your life in which you feel stuck, whether in your life or your business, I can help you get back on track and start living the life you want."

You can find Warren at Inspired Abundance.

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